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dp Design Studio: Your One-Stop Solution for Exceptional Architectural and Interior Design

Welcome to dp Design Studio, a bespoke architectural and interior design firm specializing in new builds and renovations, both inside and out. Our innovative approach ensures that our designs are not confined by traditional norms, offering unique and personalized spaces that stand out.

We are a fully licensed practicing Architect  firm and registered with NSW Architect Registration Board and Australian Institute of Architects.

D. P. Perera is the nominated Architect, registration number 12156.

“dp Design Studio is a client-focused boutique high-quality architectural and interior design firm, that creates sustainable living spaces which match your expectations and budget.”

We specialise and focus on architectural design + drafting + council or CDC approvals + interior + project management for Medical Centres, NDIS homes, SILL homes, Day respite centres, Single or two storey residential, duplex, town houses, granny flats and all other commercial or residential interiors.

Don’t hesitate to contact dp Design Studio Pty Ltd, if you need any assistance with your building needs.


Our planning is thoughtful, giving you a unique living space where you can bond with your family.

We believe working in a way that’s cost effective for you. It’s not all about the money, but the reward of appreciation that comes from delivering a top-class service every time.

To find out how dp Design Studio can transform your home, call us today on 1300 373 374, or fill in our contact form.

dp Design Studio Services

Whether you want a home designed from scratch, or a renovation to make your home function for you, dp Design Studio has you covered.

Our process begins by getting to know you and finding out what you expect from your project. We then initiate the design and investigation stages, obtaining all relevant permits. We hand pick all the tradesmen that will work on the construction, and project manage it through to completion — including a follow up when all the work is done.

Our designs are cost effective, working to the budget you can afford. Top-quality materials, and our inspiration, will deliver a renovation or build that you’ll be delighted with.



We can help you to achieve your dream.

Architectural design

Your dreams are our vision. At dp Design Studio, we get to know and understand you, your project, and your site. Our complete, bespoke service includes an investigation and design process, as well as obtaining all the relevant permits. Next, we pull together a team to execute your project, helping you achieve the home you have always desired.

Kitchen Design

Kitchens need to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. No matter how much space you have available, dp Design Studio can create a high-quality kitchen that works for you. With a kitchen that flows and is a pleasure to behold, you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Our complete kitchen renovations including design, demolition, installation, and management of all associated trades.

Bathroom Design

Today’s bathrooms reflect our lifestyle and are an integral part of our homes. dp Design Studio can help you create a functional space, where you can relax at the end of a busy day. From the smallest powder room to the largest high-end bathroom, clean straight lines and uncluttered counter spaces will transform the look. We provide a haven you’ll want to spend pampering time in.

Choose dp Design Studio for Your Next Project

dp Design Studio offers unique architectural designs for new builds and renovations. Imagine being able to have everything on your wish list incorporated in a way that functions for you and your family. Whether it’s bringing the outdoors inside for seamless living, or adding air and light to your home.

Our expert knowledge delivers solutions — we are honest and open in everything we do. We find innovative ways to make your home stand out from the crowd, making the most of the space available. Our meticulous planning ensures there are no grey areas and the quote we give is cost effective for you.

So, when you want someone you can rely on who thinks outside the box, call dp Design Studio on 1300 373 374, or fill in our contact form — the first client visit is free!

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